Tips to Optimize Images

Best pages to upload free photos online

In recent weeks I have observed some errors when uploading photos to Blogs or Social Networks, and that is why I would like to offer you in this article a series of tips that will be very useful to optimize the photos before uploading them, be it Whatever the online medium.

Right after the tips I will offer you a list of 20 web pages where you can upload images for free and without registration in the vast majority.

Some of these aspects of optimization will affect:

1. Visual improvement. The goal is to make a good choice of the images, as well as their dimensions and visual appearance, so that it positively affects our brand image.

2. Improve SEO. Do not forget that Google indexes the images and through them we can increase the visits of our blog or website.

3. Facilitates social vitalization. It is important that we know how to adjust the images to the different social profiles and prevent any social network from cutting or not showing such image as we want.

How to optimize an image before uploading it to the Internet

These recommendations will be very useful for you to upload the images to a Blog as well as to the Social Networks.

1. Choose a size that fits well with your Blog and Social Networks. We all know that each Blog and each profile of Social Networks have a different size, so before this situation we have 2 options; design an image for each medium or establish a generic size that fits well to all Internet channels.

In my case the measure that best fits all my channels is 640 × 330 in the case of images. When it comes to infographics I always use a width of 800 pixels and with a height that varies depending on the amount of information it gathers.

What is the measure you use?

2. Shows the image to the exact size that will be seen. A very typical error that is still being seen is uploading photos to Blogs to a much larger size than will be seen, thus damaging unnecessarily the loading speed of the website.

3. Lighten the weight of the images as much as you can. There are many tools and plugins that will help you reduce the size of the images but today I will recommend one that you can use for free and online, and that is very complete;

The good thing about this online tool is that we can see the preview at all times, both of the original image and the optimized image, an important aspect to see how far we can compress it without losing the photo quality.

Another interesting aspect is that it does not allow editing and making changes on it by modifying aspects such as; dye, brightness, contrast, color saturation, frame, border, etc.

Another option, and it is the one that I use the most is to use the export for Photoshop web, and save the image in jpg with 50 quality. In case of being a vector image we will use the png format because it will have a considerably lower weight.

Tips when uploading the image to the Blog

1. Write the keyword in the name of the image. The way to do it is to write the words but in a friendly way, and for this we will separate the words by dashes and we will not use accents or special characters.

Example 1: how-to-upload-images-free.jpg (OK)

Example 1: how-to-upload-images-free.jpg (EVIL)

If we do this we will get Google Images to index it and even appear in normal search results. Do not miss this post where I give you some tricks on how to search on Google.

2. Add an alternative title and text (ALT Text). A title and text will be added naturally to the images, always taking into account the search term by which we want it to appear.

Tips when uploading images to Social Networks

1. Use a size that fits well with each social profile. It is very important that the images we upload to the Social Networks are seen in full size and without cuts, that is why you should know well the different sizes of your main social channels, so that you can avoid it.

2. The choice of the image is very important. The choice of the image directly affects the engagement of our publications in Social Networks, so always choose an image that captures and attracts the attention of users and facilitates the click.

Finally and finally I leave a series of pages where you can upload free images, so you can use it in blogs, forums, ebay and any other web page.